Cloud Services

Delivering comprehensive services to meet your critical business needs

Managed Services – empowering you to focus on strategic corporate initiatives

Engaging a Managed Services Provider (MSP) will alleviate some of your business challenges. Simply put, this approach is designed to help manage some of the complexity, time consuming and resource intensive operations around the maintenance of your software applications, allowing your in-house IT team to focus on more strategic corporate initiatives.

  • MS support customers around the world, in every time zone
  • 24/7 access to a global pool of resources with experience and expertise with all Infor applications
  • Flexible, tailored solutions that can be scaled up or down as your requirements change
  • ITIL® focused delivery model that focuses on aligning IT services with business needs

When we were getting set up, we relied 100% on Infor Managed Services. They have the expertise for everything. Today, when anything custom needs attention, we funnel it through them. The IMS staff response time is great, and when we have questions or concerns, they get back to us within an hour.

John Doe , Amy Stover Senior Applications Analyst, MercyOne Northeast Iowa

Partnering with you on your journey to the cloud

Infor® understands that every organization has its own path and timeline for moving to the cloud. Whether you intend to keep your system on-premises for years to come, or you’re transitioning to cloud right now—and even if you’re already there—Infor Managed Services (IMS) has the services to meet your needs.

On-premises services

For more than 20 years, Infor has been providing managed services for customers with on-premises-based Infor systems—from technical operations to managing extensions to supporting critical business users and beyond.

Transitional services

When you’re ready to move your Infor applications to the cloud, IMS will work with you to develop a prioritized and optimized plan that best meets the ongoing legacy system needs of your business, while freeing up your valuable resources to focus on the transition to cloud.

Cloud services

While cloud applications free customers from the technical operations of keeping their applications up-to-date, reliable, and efficient, cloud applications still need ongoing services to continue to meet the needs of your business. IMS is designed to start where cloud application support ends.