Automotive software solutions

Navigating the automotive industry transformation: Embrace innovation, while streamlining processes and leveraging data insights

Now more than ever, OEMs and suppliers need to adapt to industry changes but do it carefully, using AI-driven insights and strategic analysis of risks and opportunities. Help your organization thrive by using a modern ERP to streamline end-to-end processes—from customer alignment to proactive supply chain management.

Adapt to unparalleled automotive market challenges

Make smart, bold decisions with confidence and fact-based risk analysis. Be strategic, remove roadblocks, set priorities, and cut through complexities.

Get the most from Industry 4.0 advances

Automotive cloud ERP is transforming the auto industry, and Industry 4.0 automotive solutions are providing faster results

Micro-vertical functionality delivers business value faster


Don’t follow the pack. Move to the frontline.

Become a leader in your market. Keep your eyes on the future and your data focused on growth opportunities. With accurate data to back your decisions, you can be confident and creative in your problem-solving.

  • Trust Infor OS platform with advanced analytics, driven by AI and ML, to provide holistic, accurate insights into your business
  • Empower business users with role-based dashboards and easily consumable data insights
  • Take advantage of Infor’s platform as a service for greater flexibility
  • Improve operational efficiencies using sensors, machine-to-machine connectivity, and IoT technologies

New trends require new thinking, new processes, new software

Dramatic changes in vehicle technology, means more complexity on the shop floor. Visibility helps maintain order, priorities and efficiency.

  • Navigate R&D and product launch processes more efficiently
  • Track regulatory compliance and quality control
  • Manage projects and stage-gating for introductions
  • Offer highly configured products and RFQs
  • Maintain APQP, MMOG, and revision control

Collaborate on complex project details

Choose and rely on secure platforms that expedite your organization’s goals for ever better cars, trucks, engines, and more.

  • Join forces and share data and design concepts with partners and customers
  • Use EDIs to safely share information with customers, contractors, and suppliers
  • Manage a highly secure global commerce network
  • Maintain visibility upstream and downstream
  • Securely navigate contracts through Infor Automotive Exchange

ERP for automotive supply chain management

Optimize complex end-to-end planning , communication, and execution.

  • Maintain global visibility to anticipate and adjust as needed
  • Improve S&OP and supply chain planning
    Leverage advanced analytics to project outcomes and risks
  • Manage for multi-site, multi-logistics inventory planning
  • Control inventory, minimizing investment, reducing costs
  • Track items by lot and Serial 360

Deploy smart, simplified, preconfigured functionality

Utilize solutions that can help streamline auto or parts manufacturing as well as industry processes.

  • Take advantage of preconfigured, industry-specific capabilities for ease and speed of deployment
  • Leverage built-in, proven best practices, forms, and workflows
  • Manage mixed mode manufacturing, including: project, repetitive, job shop, engineer-to-order, and assemble-on-demand—with one solution
  • Handle shop floor operations, workforce management, and quality control