Aerospace & Defense software solutions

Aerospace manufacturing software

Aerospace and defense manufacturers rely on Infor’s highly secure ERP software to meet the stringent requirements of the industry—from managing ETO operations to advanced supply chain management and tracking replacement parts and tools for aftermarket service.

We are growing quickly, and our old system was holding us back. With Infor LN, we have an efficient and integrated system that was deployed quickly without business interruption.


Tackle aerospace and defense’s most critical challenges

Our ERP solutions are designed to drive product innovation, align your business with specialized customer needs, and give you the agility to anticipate and quickly respond to market disruptions. We can help you simplify the business complexity of mixed-mode manufacturing with smart, preconfigured solutions that help streamline operations and optimize performance.

Optimize complex contract processes

Make sense of the complex and often error-prone processes of bidding, contracting, execution, and revenue recognition with a solution built to drive efficiency with full contract and project management capabilities.

  • Manage multiple contracts, including cost plus and revenue recognition methods
  • Ensure project management visibility with linked work breakdown structures
  • Meet Cost Accounting Standards and global trade standards and compliance
  • Leverage CLIN definition and contract flow-downs along with project management visibility with linked work breakdown structures

Manage supply chain complexity and risk in aerospace and defense

Gain efficient program/project execution and control of multi-tiered supply chains, and gain the agility to respond quickly to supply chain shortages.

  • Group material planning and co-mingling of project demand
  • Manage product lifecycles and detailed embedded estimation
  • Track compliant project costing with pegging and fair and unbiased algorithms
  • Achieve efficient shop floor automation based on data insights
  • Leverage DPAS support

Security and regulatory compliance

Adhere, track, and audit stringent quality control, regulation compliance, and cybersecurity requirements.

  • Maintain vigilant cyber security for all solutions and applications
  • Rely on deployment in the AWS® GovCloud or on-premises
  • Supports DCAA and DCMA MMAS compliance
  • Leverage FedRAMP authorization

Turn your service operation into a revenue center

Leverage digital technology and data insights to manage your service and MRO operations, while optimizing resolution time and resources.

  • Track as-serviced history, parts, and components replaced or serviced—following strict guidelines
  • Strategically manage SRO operations for efficiency, reliability, and profitability
  • Analyze service requirements to better anticipate future preventive maintenance needs
  • Maintain an optimal inventory of replacements parts to avoid stockouts and resolve service requests quickly
  • Manage depot repair and field service resource planning and scheduling of technicians
  • Leverage support for Non-Conformance Material Report functionality, FRACAS, first article inspection, and Certificates of Conformity

Propel aerospace and defense innovation with new technology

Take advantage of continual upgrades and always-current technology capabilities to help accelerate business growth and insight.

  • Upgrade your outdated solutions, while retaining valuable historical data that must be saved and remain accessible
  • Ensure you can continue to securely integrate and access data from legacy systems that can’t be retired
  • Seamlessly exchange EDI information and securely share data with third-party solutions
  • Rely on deep, industry-specific functionality
  • Leverage IoT, machine learning, and predictive analytics