Artificial Intelligence solutions designed to make Machine Learning accessible to the enterprise

An enterprise-grade AI platform helping businesses achieve rapid and measurable results from their data

Infor® leverages foundational AI-technology to deliver key value towards enterprise goals. Prebuilt solution templates reduce complexity and the time it takes to realize value from predictive insights.

Improve efficiency

  •        Operational Intelligence

  • Generate automated process triggers based on specified events or conditions
  • Improved process efficiency and reduced manual processes

Reduce costs

                         Asset Intelligence

  • Maximize life of assets by predictive analytics on health and maintenance & parts needs
  • Improved asset health, labor efficiency, inventory efficiency 

Predict the future

  •           Forecast Intelligence

    • Predict future demand based on history and market conditions
    • Improved forecast accuracy leading to inventory cost reduction, and revenue increase

Focus on customers

  •       Customer Sales Intelligence

    • Generate customer insights on what to sell and how to keep them happy
    • Improved customer interaction efficiency and retention, revenue growth

Price to sell

  •        Pricing Decision Intelligence

    • Support pricing investment using market drivers and price history
    • Improved pricing analysis to inform market centric pricing

Care about employees

  •       Human Capital Intelligence

    • Manage your most valuable resource
    • Improved labor efficiency, reduced costs and employee satisfaction and retention
Delivering productivity through innovative features

By removing everyday obstacles that can frustrate and distract, artificial intelligence through Infor OS provides a foundation for continuous improvement—built with advanced technology that’s accessible to all employees and is ready to evolve as industries evolve.

coleman AI

  • AI library of solutions
  • Build ML models as business users
  • Automated orchestration of complex tasks
  • End-to-end deployment in weeks
  • Extended features for advanced data scientists 

Augmented Intelligence Service

  • Data Science as a Service
  • Industry expertise
  • Business focused solution design
  • 90 days to realize value
  • Substantial acceleration of AI adoption

Coleman Digital Assistant

  • Conversational interface powered by natural language processing (NLP)
  • Out-of-the-box skills and do-it-yourself skill-building tools
  • Connect to Infor or third-party applications
  • Orchestrate new workflows across systems
  • Available on web, mobile, and Microsoft teams